The Year of Stress Free Birthdays!


I am a major sucker for a good theme. And I LOVE a party that looks like it flew off the pages of my Pinterest board. But, this year, I am just feeling very apathetic about most things. And that has poured over into the kids’ birthday parties.

I think I love birthday parties so much that I have pushed them past a point that is personally fun for me and into a level of stress and blown budgets. So this year I made a resolution to not give a crap. (Excuse my language.)



Hudson turned three this year, which is probably the last time he will be blissfully unaware of whether or not he has a party. And Holland is one so she is blissfully unaware of most everything. Except food. So their parties this year were either low key or non existent.

For Hudson, in lieu of a party we just planned a special play date with his best friend. Which is all most kids want anyway, I would say. And yesterday, we celebrated Holland’s First with our family and a couple of our best friends. Honestly, I wouldn’t have done anything if it wasn’t for my desire to watch her eat a smash cake.

So instead of prepping and planning for months, I picked up a few pretty plates, some giant pink balloons, ordered some food from the Jambalaya Shoppe, and trekked the kids out to our neighborhood park. The kids were in heaven. We barely spent any money. And no one’s house had to get messy. I’m pretty convinced this is the best and only way to do parties now.


Holland had a blast. And was of course spoiled with a few presents. The girl is such a pro at eating, that the smash cake was less of a ‘smash’ and more of a ‘daintily taste the cake with her fork’ kind of affair. And aside from a few tears shed when our balloons inevitably made their way up to the clouds, fun was had by all. Definitely a stress free celebration, just like I wanted!