It’s Finally Easter Egg Season


One of the main things I was looking forward to when having kids was all of the fun holiday activities that I participated in during my own youth. Up until now, Hudson has been a little too young to really partake in any of them. Until, this year! So as soon as those egg dying kits hit the shelves, you can bet we bought them all up. I knew that for my action and truck obsessed kid dying easter eggs might not be super exciting so I wanted to make it appeal to him as much as possible.


Thankfully, we found this awesome Egg Spinner dye kit at the store and a few Paw Patrol decorating stickers. And to my excitement he really loved it.

The egg spinner was definitely more fun than the typical dipping and less frustrating than trying to fish the eggs back out with that weird wire spatula thing. And other than a couple of eggs slipping out of his little fingers and smashing to the ground, I would say it was a big success.


Now, I’m looking forward to egg hunts and easter baskets, and most importantly chocolate bunnies! Happy March!



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