Stay in the Moment, Momma.

Hey all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines’ weekend. Ours was very low key and filled with lots of cooking and sugar. Which is about as much as you can ask for! Aside from a couple of trips to the park we spent our weekend snuggled up inside making all kinds of heart shaped treats and then devouring them on the spot.

IMG_1997(Homemade doughnuts.)

The kids are finally coming into an age where they have become little playmates. Holland is absolutely obsessed with her big brother. Which is something I had hoped for from the moment I knew we were having a girl. However, the reciprocation on Hudson’s end has been a slower process. But, it just makes those moments that he loves on her even more precious and beautiful.

This stage of family life is weird. Everything they do is adorable and precious, but each little milestone and holiday just gets me anxious for the next year. Like, ‘just imagine how cute Valentines’ Day will be next year when they’re both old enough to truly enjoy it and participate’. I constantly have to remind myself to stay in the moment and let the future  be.

As it is, time is going fast enough. For example, our little girl will be turning ONE in three days. I can not believe this day is already here. That first year really flies when you’re chasing after an older sibling. It’s definitely been the most exhaustingly lovely year of my life.


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