How to Rock Valentine’s Without a Babysitter

Ever since my husband received his 1099 form this year we have been very budget conscious. There is nothing quite as sobering as realizing how much money you made and then discovering you really don’t have much to show for it. “Where did it all go?” “Um…. Target?!”  Who knows… We have been playing pretty fast and loose with our income for the majority of our marriage. And we finally decided to make a major change in our lifestyle. Which is what leads me to the point I am at now. Trying to plan an at home Valentine’s Date. With Children.

Don’t get me wrong, I am actually excited about saving money. And anytime I think I’m missing out on something I just remind myself that it’s for the greater good… of eventually buying a bigger house and having more kids (dare to dream, people). But, how do you do Valentine’s right when you’re stuck at home with the kids?

Here’s what I’ve got in mind so far…

valentine 2016 blog


Step One: Decorate some Valentine’s treats with the kids while most likely watching Paw Patrol. Because Hudson is on a kick.
Step Two: Fancy Home cooked meal, followed by indulging on the kid’s homemade desserts (One for you, and One for you, and Five for Mommy)!
Step Three: Whine down and put kids to bed. Then pop open some wine.
Step Four: Music and Board games. Something to actually get us interacting and engaged with one another.
Step Five: Red Box and Chill. Is that a thing? It should be… Although, There is a very good chance that “chill” here really means “fall asleep”. Because, honestly, a good nights sleep sounds super romantic to me, right now! Ahhh, the joys of parenthood.

What are all of you planning for this Valentine’s Day?!


2 thoughts on “How to Rock Valentine’s Without a Babysitter

  1. Walking and coffee is a good date! Our kids are pretty content riding. Netflix or Hulu after bedtime, with a cocktail or (usually lol) decaf coffee. Hugs and support your way! Love your openness and how you just dive into working on things head-on!

  2. Thank you Elizabeth! I always love to hear your encouraging words! Coffee and walking sounds wonderful. Plus it would be a win-win, because it would get me off of my butt for some good exercise!

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