So Many Things

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It has been ages. Somehow, life with more than one kid has been a little time consuming. Can you imagine?!
Anyway, tonight I am just reflecting on how different things are the second time around. My mother would kill me if she knew that I have no idea when Holland started crawling or what day she said DaDa for the first time. But, truly, I have no idea. A few weeks ago? Yesterday? Last year? What day is it…? EVERYthing is a blur.

Unfortunately for my precious baby girl (who, yes, I am obsessed with) most of the time I feel a very “Been there, done that” attitude about the things I used to obsess over with Hudson. Someone asked me the other day when she learned to pull her pacifier out of her mouth to smile and greet someone. I’ve been so in my head that hadn’y even occured to me that it is sort of a milestone and I probably should have noticed.

Oh well. I know Holland may regret my laissez faire attitude when she is older and feeling nostalgic (and for that reason, I will do my best to improve) but for right now I am enjoying just being with the two of them. And soaking up any chance I get to just sit and play with them.

So since we’re here. And I’m blogging. I’ll record a few of Holland’s recent milestones (just don’t ask me what date these things happened….)

She is very social.  Loves to smile and make eye contact. Currently learning to wave.
She is obsessed with Hudson and all of his trucks. The feeling is not mutual.
She Army crawls as fast as lighting. And sits up with the greatest little baby posture.
She loves to eat and yank on people’s hair.
She has two teeth finally cutting this week.
She will dance any time music comes on.

On the not so cute side…
She is already very feisty and will yell at/whack her brother when she doesn’t get to play with his trucks.
She does not sleep well anymore…yaaaayyyyyy….
She is GLUED to my hip. And upset when I have to do anything not involving her.

All very typical sweet and not so sweet eight month old things.

I promise to be back soon with more news and updates.


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