The Past Few Weeks

halloween 2014 048

I hope November has been treating you all well, so far! For us it has been flying by. Halloween came and went in the blink of an eye and I can not believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are so close on the horizon. Not to mention the birthdays of this precious little guy and his sweet cousin.

Our Halloween was nice and low key as usual. This was the year I had really been looking forward to since I first found out we were having a baby. The first year that he was old enough to actually participate in Trick or Treating! And wouldn’t you know it, he could not have been less interested. When we first arrived at our friends house and pulled him out of the car he immediately spotted a little boy in an Iron Man costume and started running down the street after him. He continued to follow Iron Man for a little over a block. Walking up to each door with him. From one house to the next. Yet, never accepting any candy. He would just look at the home owners like they were crazy when they tried to give him a treat. It was actually kind of sweet.

Eventually we pried him away from his new play mate and made it back to our friend’s party where we sat on the porch, played with her dog and sorted through all of the candy that was to be passed out.

halloween 2014 128

(Yet, he still never tried to eat any of it. I think maybe he just doesn’t understand the concept of candy. If only I suffered from the same problem.)


We also wound up visiting a Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist this month after our 20 week ultrasound showed some abnormal measurements in Baby Girl’s brain. However, thankfully, it turned out to be a fluke. The good that came out of it was that we got an extra chance to peek in on the little one.

Most days I have to remind myself that I am even pregnant, as I am so busy with Hudson. I don’t have time to really think about her or all of the things I should be doing to prepare. Having Hudson around has made this second pregnancy go by so quickly that I wonder if it will also make the rest of their childhood from here on out go by too fast. With Hudson we had so much time to just sit and observe him and marvel. I’m not sure how much quiet observing will get to take place with the rest of our children. But, I suppose that was the whole purpose of this blog, after all. It forces me to stop and observe/document the milestones every once in a while.

So with that, I will leave you with a couple of Hudson’s little milestones from this month;
He has become a pro at forming sentences. And we are beginning to have little conversations throughout the day. Most of them revolve around Trucks and Cars and anything with wheels.
He loves puzzles. And memory games. And dancing to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse songs. As long as you don’t try to dance with him. Then he will calmly shame you with a “no” and walk out of the room. (So much attitude already.)
He loves going on walks and will bring me his shoes multiple times each day in an attempt to get out of the house.
And he randomly learned how to ride a scooter the other day. Which then prompted my mom to buy him one for Christmas. I can not believe we are already at this age…

charlis bday 035


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