Happenings Lately…

preg announcement 029

A lot has been going on with us lately. Most importantly, as a lot of you know, we are expecting baby number 2! And this time it is a little girl! Before you ask how Hudson is handling the news, I’ll just tell you that he has no idea what is going on. I’m not really sure how you’re supposed to help a 23 Month Old comprehend a little sister so we haven’t even really tried explaining it to him. Maybe when my stomach starts getting a little bigger we can use that as a starting point.

At first I was pretty freaked out by the concept of two kids as I barely have the emotional/mental energy for one. Not to mention figuring out how to squeeze the four of us into a two bedroom home. But now I’m just excited to start nesting and buying cute baby clothes again.

zoo members night 006

Life with Hudson has been adorably exhausting lately. He is really becoming his own person now. Making sentences and grasping new concepts that constantly surprise me.

Currently his favorite words are monkey and pumpkin. At least 100 times a day he asks us if we “see a pumpkin?” and “see a monkey?” Even though, as you can imagine there rarely is an actual monkey around.
Every time he bumps into anything; person or inanimate he says “I sorry” and asks if “you okay?”

tailgate 036

He is obsessed with trucks, “choo choos”, dancing and Mickey Mouse.
And he’s in a major hand holding phase. All he wants when he is upset or driving in the car is to hold hands.
I can not believe he is already nearing two. And that are family is about to be a foursome.
There is just so much to look forward to around here.


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