Hand Foot and Mouth, Oh My

hfmd face 002


This Past Wednesday Hudson’s nose started running. And then he started sneezing. Then coughing. And I thought ‘Oh great! ANOTHER cold’. ( I swear the poor thing has spent half of his  life under the weather.) The next morning he woke up with a fever of about 101.  And my fears were confirmed. Another sunny weekend quarantined inside the house. Sunday morning I received an email from the director of his MDO program, in which she kindly let us all know that there were two ill kids in the class room. One child had Impetigo and the other had Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. Within the five minutes it took me to read the email and research the symptoms Hudson had formed little  red bumps on the arches of his feet.

That first day was absolutely miserable. He was feverish, uncomfortable, lethargic and Possibly in pain from a sore throat; all symptoms of HFMD.  Over the next three days the rash spread to his entire body (which is not common). Some bumps even turned into blisters like the ones you see under his mouth.  And we both almost went insane from cabin fever. Thankfully, today things are finally starting to look better. These pictures were both taken today and this is the lightest/smallest the bumps have looked all week. His fever broke yesterday. And other than still being a little cranky from being stuck indoors I think we are on our way to a full recovery.  Unfortunately the little man isn’t permitted to leave the house until every last bit of his rash has cleared up. So, I’m crossing my fingers that will happen in the next 24-48 hours.

hmfd 001


In case you are as clueless about HFMD as I was four days ago you can read up on the virus here or just scan my cliff notes version below;

  • HFMD is a virus that is common in children under 5 years old, typically occurring in the late summer/early fall.
  • It is extremely contagious among children, but less common in adults as most of us have already built an immunity to the disease.
  • While you won’t catch the same strand of the disease twice, it is possible to have HFMD more than once, as there are multiple strands.
  • Symptoms include: Sore Throat, Cold like Symptoms, bumps/rash on hands, feet, mouth and occasionally limbs and buttocks, blisters on the inside of the mouth like canker sores and fever.
  • There is no treatment. Which sucks. But Ibuprofen and Popsicles are a big help.
  • As long as your child stays hydrated, it is harmless. Unless you go crazy… like I came very close to doing.

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