Did You Miss Us?

mandtt mocha leggings 029

Hudson’s pants were c/o Mason and the Tambourine
Moccasins c/o Happy and the Hectic

So if you’ve been counting, we have been missing in action for approximately 3 months.

Yes, life with Hudson just took over. This season of growth for him has been absolutely amazing, hilarious and exhausting. I don’t think I can even bore you with a list of all of his new talents or his expanding vocabulary because you would be stuck here reading for ages.

He has become an actual person. Who has pseudo conversations. And likes. And dislikes. And an adorable personality.

In the meantime, I feel like we have finally become seasoned parents. (I’m sure parents of teenagers or twenty somethings are laughing at that statement and thinking ‘just wait…’). The first year was so much about survival for us I didn’t really have time to poke my head up out of the waters and just reflect. Until recently. But, miraculously along this journey i’ve grown up immensely. And I have routines for the first time in my life. And parenting just feels like second nature rather than a perpetual series of panic attacks.

With all of that said, I just want to thank you all for still taking the time to read my rants and you will be seeing a lot more of us over the next few weeks.

I will be back soon with a more detailed account of what our lives look like now and a big announcement! (What could it be?!)


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