The Mom I Want to Be

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So, I think I had a very typical Upbringing. Two working parents, lots of extracurricular activities which led to lots of time in the car and lots of meals served from drive thru windows. With adoring grandparents I was never denied any luxury. I had a t.v. in my room by age 6 and multiple gaming systems before I had even finished elementary school.
While all of these things helped me to fit in with my peers and stay up to date on pop-culture, I now have an unhealthy addiction to food and television. And I spent little time reading or actively learning because I never had to.  I’m not saying all of these things to be critical of my parents. If all they are guilty of is a little over indulgence, then I’d say that’s pretty amazing parenting. But, the reason I am thinking about this is because I find myself in a daily struggle to be a proactive parent. Now that Hudson is aware of everything I do and needing constant entertainment I find my self struggling with how much t.v. I watch in front of him. And how often I eat junk food around him. And the lack of a spiritual presence I’m providing in our household.

The kind of mom I want to be is the kind of mom who starts each day with a homemade breakfast and a family prayer, rather than dry cereal and the DVR. I want to spend nap time reading and spend our afternoon hours outdoors. I know that most people start parenting with certain expectations that they inevitably give up on due to lack of time, energy or support. But, I am so determined for Hudson to have better life habits than I do.

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Now, I am not a forceful person and I know I’ll probably never try to force these habits on him. But I do plan on setting the absolute best example for him that I can. Even if it’s a process of baby steps with lots of set backs, I at least want to say that i tried. So lately I’ve been attempting to read or listen to music when I have the urge to watch whatever real housewives marathon is on.  Jamy and I have started doing daily devotionals at night after dinner. And Any day the weather is nice we visit a park or go on a walk or just sit on the front steps and play with toy trucks and bubbles.

My hope is that I will keep working on these things until they become a way of life for me and my family. I’m curious about what you more experienced mother’s think. Did you have any habits you felt like you needed to change when your kids were born? I’m wondering how difficult the road ahead may be for me.


One thought on “The Mom I Want to Be

  1. we all try to make our best when parenting, and i’m sure that if we try to be by their side, see what they do need, they’ll appreciate it and see that we act with love…

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