The Things That Happen When You’re Not Paying Attention

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As I mentioned a couple of posts back Hudson is 15 months old and in full Toddler mode.
Yesterday when I came home to relieve my mother from babysitting duty she pointed out that Hudson had been coloring on the windowsill in his room. “How cute is that?!”, I thought, “He’s coloring… So artistic!”. (I really don’t care about the window, because we’re in the process of repainting that room.) But since mother’s are oh, so good at bringing you back to reality she pointed out the obvious truth, that He is learning bad habits because I’m blinded by the cuteness of his learning.

I’m assuming that I can not be the only mother who has fallen victim to this. Right? I can’t be alone in being hypnotized by my child’s absolute adorableness. I mean they have an entire industry of reality shows about children who were over indulged and ruined due to their parents’ obsession with them.

So yesterday, I had to stop and re-evaluate. How many little habits has Hudson already developed because I was so amazed that he had learned something new? He writes on walls. He loves to press the buttons on all of our gadgets. He likes to snack straight out of the cereal box and feed scraps to the dog. I’m sure the list goes on.

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I’ve never been very good with tough love. From what I remember I was raised somewhat passively in my adolescent years. (I believe that’s because I was too shy and anxious to get in much trouble to start with) However, now as an adult I am having to learn to set more restrictions and implement tough love with Hudson. Because, obviously, in the beginning stages, boundaries are necessary for every child and even when he is older he might not have the same personality that responds effectively to such passive parenting. So, I am grateful to have such a good mom to help me with my parenting techniques now. And such an amazing partner in crime for a husband.

It can be rough making the transition from blameless/helpless baby to independent/mischievous child. But, I’m glad I had this Ah-Ha moment before he is 17 and starring in “True-Life: I’m a Horrible Human Being”.


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