Oh, The Clutter!!


“…my experiences show that after a certain point, material objects have a tendency to crowd out the emotional needs they are meant to support.” – Graham Hill

One of my biggest desires is to sell everything I own and move far away from every modern distraction. No reality tv, fast food, malls, or traffic. Just my family, a few select friends and whatever we need to live a simple, clean existence. As you may have gathered from my post yesterday, my life is feeling just a tad bit cluttered.  And as the old adage goes “A cluttered space is a cluttered mind“.

Well, it was a very welcome surprise on my instagram feed this morning to discover Ann Marie of White House Black Shutters’ 40 DAYS 40 BAGS project. It is a 40 day commitment of de-cluttering, that falls in line with the Lenten season. Today, being Ash Wednesday, marks the first day! A quick summary of how it works is; for every day in the Lenten season (excluding Sundays) pick just one area of your home and fill up a garbage bag of things you don’t need anymore. You can donate them, toss them, or reorganize the pieces in a more appropriate place in your home. Ann offers printables galore on her blog to help with the process. And she has organized a community of followers on Instagram and Facebook alike, to offer support.

I personally plan to kick things off with our Wet Bar area, which has become the grave yard of random things that have no place in our home. Wish me luck! And I would love to hear about it if you decide to join in!


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