Charter Nannies


Do you guys remember how I told you we were on a Yo Gabba Gabba kick? Well, Hudson being the luckiest kid that he is, won an amazing giveaway from Charter Nannies  on Instagram. Charter Nannies is a traveling Nanny service that caters to the artsy types. For instance when your garage band makes it big but you don’t know how you can go on tour with your children in tow. You call these guys. But, even if you are as untalented as me you should still go follow them on Instagram for some adorable pictures of tots living the tour life and for possible future giveaways like this one!


I’m just saying.. we were so spoiled by winning this. Hudson got a Yo Gabba Gabba swag back that included t-shirts, a blanket, a Book sack, DJ Lance Rock hat & Glasses, tons of stickers, pins and silly bands… And even more things I can’t think of at the moment. Not to mention the coolest prize a personal phone call from Brobee himself!!

And because Parent’s need to be spoiled too, I received a $200 credit to the beautifully curated shop, Amelia Presents. And two autographed Mates of State CDs. Oh yeah, That is one of their clients. Along with the Flaming Lips and others. How awesome is that?

I wonder if they are hiring?….


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