Tall As a Giraffe


Now that Hudson is walking like a pro, my husband and I have been taking him out to parks and playgrounds as much as possible. There’s nothing like swing sets and a little vitamin D to make a happy baby, right?! This Saturday we went to the zoo where Hudson was free to run wild with his fellow animal. One of the “zoo facts” that stuck with me through the weekend was that most newborn giraffes’ first experience in the world is a shocking 6 foot drop to the hard ground, below. Honestly, I would say that’s very much what motherhood feels like for us first-timers. Except exchange that dirty ground for anxiety ridden, sleepless nights and a helpless child you have to somehow usher into the world unharmed and at least somewhat normal.




But it’s so weird to me, how after one short year, I already feel like a pro. And my helpless little baby is a baby no more. Everytime we bring him around the big kids at the park, he hangs tough with children three times his age. And It is just such a sweet and proud moment to see your little baby hanging out in the middle of the play house with three and four year olds zooming all around him. A few even stopping to engage him and say hello. And watching him absolutely love every minute of it. He really thinks he is one of them. One of the big kids! (Not to be confused with the moments when he really thinks he is one of our dogs.) These past two weeks have shown me that we are truly in this stage of rapid growth and learning. This week alone he’s figured out how to brush his hair, unlock doors, climb stairs, slide down slides… And I know next week it will be a whole new list of tricks. Before I know it my little helpless baby will be as tall as one of those giraffes at the zoo.


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