New Year




Well, Hello 2014! I can not believe I have been a mom for an entire year. More importantly I can’t believe I survived being a mom for an entire year. This child has tested my patience, endurance and sanity. Not because he is a bad child. Just because he is A child. And there is no rest for parents. But, alas, I made it out alive and onto a new stage! Toddlerhood. So far it is slightly less manic and a million times cuter. I think that is because he is in that perfect stage where he can toddle around the house but can’t quite yet run away from me in a packed store. Those days will be fun, I am sure.

Looking back on 2013, I’d say my best moments have been all of Hudson’s firsts. The first laugh. The first time he rolled over. Or sat up. Or walked… (I wasn’t actually home for that one. But, videos still count, right?) And my biggest regrets were honestly, just stressing over him. Stressing about his lack of sleep. About his feeding schedule. The color of his poop. Everything. It’s amazing, how looking back on that first time mom that I was, I just laugh and wonder what all the worry was about. This next year, I predict will be more fun all around, because I have realized that children are resilient. And almost everything they do or don’t do falls into the broad spectrum of “normal”. With the time that I don’t spend having anxiety attacks I will devote to actually enjoying him. And watching him grow up. Yes, I think 2014 will be a fun and busy year.
[Fingers Crossed.]


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