Hudson Turns 1


It’s been the busiest couple of months with all of the holidays. But in the midst of all of that chaos, Hudson turned 1! We celebrated with two low key get togethers. The first being on his actual birthday. My mom made us all dinner and got a little cupcake for Hudson. Which he loved, as you can see here…

The second was for all of our friends to come hang out and watch him eat a healthier, organic, carrot cake. Turns out he could tell the difference and was not so into it… Smart Kid.

It was originally meant to be an outdoor festivity with talks of a bouncy house. However, the bottom of the sky fell out that day and we were forced to cram into my mother’s living room. Thankfully, it still turned out to be a very fun and sweet gathering. I was really touched by how many of our friends took time out ot their day to come celebrate a first birthday!


1st birthday 002
1st birthday 156

1st birthday 066
1st birthday 071


I loved these invites by Sunday Design on Etsy.

All in all, it was an awesome day. I only wish I had taken more pictures for the baby book.


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