In Sweetest Thing Ever News, Hudson was baptized last week! As I stood up there listening to the church promise to watch over him and help guide him as he grows, I started imagining what it will be like just  a couple of years from now when he is singing in front of those same people in the little preschool choir. Then he will be joining clubs, teams and basically becoming a real person right before our eyes.  It was my first real mommy moment of “Hey, that’s my boy up there!”. And it was so surreal. I honestly still cannot believe I am a mom. And these are the things that I fill my time with now. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to it. But, I love it.

As far as the actual baptism, Hudson was a pro. He sucked on his thumb the entire time and never made a peep or whimper. I think he was mesmerized by the water and all of the people.

Lastly, can I just take a moment to say how stinkin adorable a baby in knee high socks is? I seriously don’t think I have ever put a cooler item of clothing on this kid.

Romper: Auraluz via Ruffles n’ Britches
Shoes: M’art Baby Accessories 


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