20 thoughts on “Edible Paints for Baby

  1. This looks SO fun, and I really love the colours you chose. I would definitely hang that artwork in my house :). I am going to try this with my 1 year old this weekend. Quick question: How did you get such vibrant colours? Did you just use normal food colouring? Thanks!

    • I used a food coloring pack, from target, that had shades like teal and lavender. And I think I remember putting a lot in each bowl because I really wanted the colors to stand out. In retrospect I can tell you that the purple and blue shades did stain his hands for a couple of days. But we didn’t have any issues with the red or oranges hues.

      Good luck with your art project! I would love to hear how it goes for you!

  2. I really want to try this with my son.! but i know he’ll try to eat it, is it really safe if he does put some in his mouth.?

    • From what I have read online, there aren’t any known health risks with a baby ingesting cornstarch. Especially in such a minimal quantity. And this is a recipe we have used many times over the past year without any incident. If you are very unsure about it though, I would definitely check with your pediatrician for an official approval.

    • I have actually had different experiences with it depending on the proportions I used while mixing. You can experiment with adding a little more water and making the paint thinner, which I think will help. But, the dried product will definitely have a thicker texture to it than real paint. What I did with mine was frame them, so the thickness of it wasn’t as obvious beneath the glass. We still have the one from this post framed and hanging in my son’s room over a year later.

    • Hi Julie, I’m sorry that I’m just responding. We actually welcomed our second child on the 18th so I have been a little bit out of pocket since then. If you are still interested you can reach me at bcanfield1@gmail.com. (Actually, I am already on the Red Tricycle mailing list! And I love the site!)

  3. Hi this looks so awesome I want to do this with my son when he turns a year old. I would love to do it on a canvas as a keepsake. Just wondering does it rot or attract ants or anything like that???

    • I’m not 100% sure how it will fare on a canvas because we did ours on paper and then immediately enclosed them in a picture frame. It has been over a year, though and they are still in good condition with no signs of mold or deterioration!

  4. Reblogged this on Kaukinen Adventures and commented:
    This looks AWESOME, and with warmer weather finally on the way I wanted to share this with you all. I am planning to try this with Little Man soon, maybe in the kitchen since the deck is piled in snow still

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