First Steps


I thought for sure that Hudson was going to be an early walker. I was, however, a victim of parental hubris. Around nine months he started standing on his own and balancing in between pieces of furniture while cruising. So i assumed he would be walking before ten months. Then he seemed to lose his confidence for about a month and refused to do any unassisted standing. Cut to Saturday, as Jamy and I were both playing on our phones in our living room, I swear I saw him take his first step out of the corner of my eye. (How is that for attentive parenting?!) Anyhow, later that night we finally got him to replicate it with the slightest little baby shuffle. So, now… I think/hope I can finally say that we will soon have a walker. And hope that my over confidence isn’t getting the best of me again.

On a side note; He has definitely caught on to the fact that he gets lots of praises for balancing and walking. This morning as soon as we took him out of bed he crawled over to a pile of throw pillows we had on the floor, stood up, let go of the pillows to balance on his own, then looked to us and started clapping. It was the cutest little thing. I think it is just the funniest thing that he’s able to pick up on social cues like that.

So wish us luck, Hopefully his next appearance on the blog will be in a walking video!


2 thoughts on “First Steps

    • Thank you!! This is probably the most excited we’ve been about him learning something! We can’t wait for him to start toddling around.. (I’m sure I will eventually wish for the days when he couldn’t get around, though. lol)

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