What will you be….?


The older Hudson gets the more fun it is to try and guess what he’ll be like as an adult. What talents he’ll possess. What things he may love doing whether or not he’s any good at them. Right now, I’m sure that if he were an adult he would be a professional dancer/drummer/pat-a-cake master. His dances are my all time favorite thing. Hopefully he inherits better rhythm than I have. I’m doing my best to encourage his “artsy” side with sensory activities. I try to play lots of music for him in the mornings and encourage his “drumming” skills. Today we’re going to be working on an art project with edible paints. (I’ll be sure to post pictures later.) All in all I don’t waste much time worrying about who he will be when he grows up, because I know he is in God’s care. But I want to be able to look back and at least know I exposed him to as many activities/hobbies/sports as possible.

striped leggings 057

striped leggings 100

striped leggings 105


Hat: Baby Gap (Old)
Shirt: Mini and Maximus (Old)
Bib: SlyFox Threads
Pants: Circo
Shoes: Freshly Picked


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