Hat: Baby Gap (Old)
Tank: Hello Apparel
Leggings: Little Hipsqueaks
Toys: I’m in love with these Oball Stacker rings. They’re much easier for a young baby working on fine motor skills like stacking. And they’re super cheap!

Tonight, as I was rocking Hudson to sleep I started reminiscing about how I had to sing “Hush, little baby” over and over again for the past two months to get him to fall asleep, at night. And a couple months before that I had to lay down with him, by his side and pat his back to get him to sleep. Before that, it  was a tight swaddle in the swing. And when he was a little newborn baby I would stay up every single night with him while he cried until 3 am. It was always 3 am. When hours of rocking him back and forth in this specific vibrating chair [while simultaneously holding his pacifier in his mouth] was the only way to get him to sleep. For those of you that weren’t counting, that is four bedtime routines. Four phases in life we have already gone through. Hudson is only 10 months old and his likes and dislikes change so often it’s hard to keep up and remember them all. It just makes me want to stop and take note of every little thing I have to do for him on a daily basis, so I can remember each and every phase.


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