Hellos and High Fives!





I love this little boy, you guys. But I guess that just goes without saying. Who isn’t obsessed with their kid?  I also love these clothes we received from a few of our new favorite shops.

Bib: Sly Fox Threads
Shirt: Prefresh
Leggings: Little Four Clothing

I should probably just give you forewarning that I see this blog turning into weekly video updates of new things that Hudson is learning. For instance, this week Hudson has mastered the subtle art of the high five and has learned to clap on demand.  So much sweetness. Plus, he is now like a personal mini fan club. Mommy gets high fives and applause for everything she does! My self esteem has sure gone through the roof! (I kid.)

But, really…

I also wanted to take a quick minute to thank you guys for humoring me with this blog. It has been a great outlet for all of my Hudson rants so I don’t have to bore everyone in my real life with this stuff. (As much… I can’t just not talk about him at all, you know? Sorry, friends.) But, I love that I’ve actually ‘met’ a few people through this huge mommy-blogger community. I know we may all seem like a dime a dozen at times, but it has truly been a great comfort and encourager to me to read about so many different takes on parenting. So, thank you for reading. And sharing your own stories. This thing would be pointless without you. Literally.


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