Hud’s Bag of Tricks




Hat: Baby Gap (Similar Here)
Leggings: Mini Rodini

Today I caught Hudson flirting with a lady at the bakery. Which, is not that out of the ordinary. He is a major flirt. He flirts with our plumber, guys. The kid is a lover. But, as we’re standing there making sweet eyes at this woman, today, out of nowhere he starts waving to her. At first I just thought he was bouncing his hand up and down for no reason but then I noticed he was mimicking her each time she waved at him. Things like this are mind blowing for new parents to witness, so bare with me as I continue to brag about my genius baby!!

Some other new things he’s been doing lately; a whole lot of mimicking of everything. He loves to shake his head “no” back at you. And he’s starting to play little games with us. Like, He loves to take Jamy’s hat off and then put it back on. And off. And on. And it’s just hilarious, to him. He also want’s to put everything in your mouth. Which is weirdly cute. He’s constantly trying to get me to partake in his teether, or put his hand in my mouth while he sucks on his other thumb. I just don’t have the heart to tell him no…haha

And finally the most exciting / terrifying thing he’s working on… walking.
The kid is always cruising the tables and couches in our living room. But, now he’s getting really good at balancing on his own in between pieces of furniture. Woohoo!

Now, that I’ve completed bragging, feel free to partake in an adorable, only slightly annoying video of Hudson practicing his wave…


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