Seven and Eight month Updates

hello apparel

This month has gotten away from us. We’ve been traveling, baby proofing and taking on home improvement projects left and right. In the midst of all of that Hudson’s seventh month has come and gone.

hudson hello tank 012

[Tank: Hello Apparel
Leggings: Thirty Second and Elm
Shoes: Freshly Picked]

A few quick updates about our baby. He is truly turning into a little man. His personality shows more each day and you can already see that mischievous little boy that’s dying to get out. After a couple of weeks of trying to crawl, I am happy and slightly terrified to announce that we have a mobile, crawling baby. (There’s even a video to prove it at the end of this post.) He has been pulling himself up to standing now for a couple of weeks. And is obsessed with cruising along the sides of the coffee table. [Which has spurred one of our home improvement projects: a DYI ottoman coffee table. Soft edges are safer for cruising babies. ] It is nearly impossible to keep this guy seated.

Other fun Hudson facts: He still babbles alllll of the time. Lots of mamama, dadada, bababas. All day. Every day.  His favorite food was organic blueberries. (Sure he doesn’t know or care that they’re organic, but it makes me feel better.) However, tonight we introduced him to the almighty PUFF! And I don’t think his life will ever be the same. He ate about a million, once he got the hang of it. We started him on Happy Puffs Sweet Potato Organic Puffs. They’re actually pretty yummy. His favorite toy is currently our t.v. remote. We can’t be bothered with baby appropriate, educational toys around here guys. So we have admitted defeat, removed the batteries from the remote and surrendered it to Hudson.  Finally, he will laugh at absolutely anything when he is tired. But he has a couple of phrases that he just thinks are hilarious for no apparent reason. (Who really understands baby logic?!) He always laughs when we say “I don’t think so” and he finds my Hulk Hogan impression to be quite hilarious. To be honest it’s really just me saying “Brother” over and over again in my best man voice.

hulk 8 months 031

[Cloud Onesie: Whistle and Flute]
Other than that there isn’t too much to report.  Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


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