Following the Leader

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Hat: BabyGap
Shirt: Mini and Maximus
Shorts: Funky Legs

It’s funny to me how different my mothering style has become than I originally anticipated it to be. Of course, you never really know how you’re going to raise your children until parenthood is upon you. But I never imagined myself  being the mom that co-sleeps. Or the mom that loves nursing. In fact, before Hudson arrived I secretly hoped that breastfeeding wouldn’t work out for us, so I wouldn’t have to deal with what I thought would just be an extra challenge.  Life is interesting that way. Things never turn out exactly how you think they will. For all of the time I spent trying to get Hudson on a strict schedule, it just turned out to be an added stress. I think the best thing we’ve done so far is just letting go. Letting Hudson lead the way.  I’m not talking about completely spoiling him. But, it turns out that letting him sleep when and how he wants to sleep, and letting him eat when he feels like eating has given us a much more pleasant child. (Who knew!) He’s constantly smiling now and he’s just the sweetest little thing.  And I think what’s helped most of all is that he can probably sense we are less anxious. So, I know I say this every month, but the 6th month was the best.  The more we get into our groove and figure out what works best for Hudson the happier we all become.

P.S. Did I mention we got our first tooth?!


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