A Trip to the Doctor’s






Today, we went to Hudson’s Doctor for a 6 Month check-up. It was filled with all kinds of excitement and plenty of needles and crying. He received a repeat of the same vaccines from his 2nd and 4th month check-ups. And He was unfortunately forced to go to the big people lab at the clinic to do an anemia test, since he is still primarily breast fed. If you could have seen the way he was looking at the nurse while she was trying to squeeze blood out of his finger.. it was the sweetest/saddest thing. However, thankfully, he is normal and healthy! Now, we don’t have to go back to the pediatrician for three months! But, the doctor did recommend that we make an appointment with a pediatric Ophthalmologist, since his father got glasses at such an early age. More on that, later….

6 Month Stats:
Weight – 18 Lbs 10 Oz.
Height – 27 in.
H/C – 18 1/4 in.


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