5 Month Update

baby comeaux 5 months

Hudson hit 5 months on the fifth of May!
A couple quick stats:
-He weighs approx: 16 1/2 lbs.
-He LOVES to “Talk”. He’s constantly saying “Mamamama” and “Babababa”.
There have been a few instances where he has actually said “Mama”, but I don’t think we can actually consider that his first word. Right? Maybe. (I’ll just pretend I have a genius baby who learned words at 4 months old.)
-We have been working on our Signing for the past month and he seems to really enjoy it. We’re starting small with just the signs for our bed time routine. Like “Bath” and “Milk“.
He thinks the bath sign is hilarious. It’s like a funny little dance. So far he hasn’t replicated the signs on his own (Which is to be expected, since it takes so much repetition.) However, he is definitely starting to figure it out. He pays close attention when we sign to him. And this past week, I’ve noticed him start to lift his hands when I do the sign, like he’s thinking about imitating me.
-He is also eating a few solids which is great (Aside from the emergence of solid poops. So Gross.). We started him on the usual Rice Cereal/Breast Milk combo. (Which I am here to tell you, does not make him sleep better. For the record.) We have since moved on to mashed up Bananas and Squash. He loves both of them. The kid just loves eating. He would eat paper if we let him.
-The Best thing about this age, is that he is so much more aware and interactive. And that has been a major blessing. His ability to really take in his surroundings and play with toys/people has majorly helped to cut down on unnecessary temper tantrums.
Plus, it’s just adorable to see him turning into a real person.




(Bloomers: Bobo Choses, Hulk Hogan: c/o the 1980’s)

And my absolute favorite thing about this little man is his laugh.
He finally decided that Miles, our dog, was hilarious last week…


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