We’re 3 Months Old, Everyone!


Hudson hit 3 months on the fifth! And with all this nice weather, our December baby is finally getting some real Vitamin D.

There haven’t been too many changes since Month 2. He doesn’t sleep much more, but he has found a schedule that he likes. He goes down at Midnight (Refuses to sleep any earlier) and rises at 7, usually with no middle of the night feedings, but everyday is different in that area. Once he’s up at seven he relaxes is bed with me until 9, when he goes back down for another nap. After he wakes from that one, the day has officially started.

I’ve realized that he is definitely not a fan of sleep. Just like I wasn’t, until he came along and started wearing me out on the daily. After he gets up from his morning nap, he refuses to nap on his own for the rest of the day. And then he gets Angry, from being so tired. So by 4 in the afternoon, I have to force him to sleep with a tight swaddle, a pacifier and some rocking. And depending on the day I can get anywhere from 15 minutes to a couple of hours alone time. (Although it’s 15 minutes, more often than not.)

Other notable changes… He’s getting Chunkier, for sure. Over 15 lbs. I don’t know how any mom doesn’t have killer upper body strength.

And perhaps my favorite new thing, is that he is figuring out his hands!

He hasn’t fully mastered them yet but he definitely has grabbed my hands on multiple occasions just to put one of my fingers in his mouth and use it as a pacifier.

He also absolutely hates tummy time, so I don’t know when/if he’ll start trying to roll over. For now I just try to get him used to laying on my chest while i lean back a little, but he doesn’t care for that much, either. He always wants to be sitting straight up like a little man.

You can’t tell from the picture, but he is screaming bloody murder, for someone to come roll him over.

So we sat him up and let him chew on his Sleep Sheep for a little while. Which, by the way, he is obsessed with. And so am I. It goes EVERYWHERE Hudson goes and helps him fall asleep faster at night!

Other than that, he is a major “talker” and loves to smile. We’re still waiting for some giggles to come out of that little mouth. But, I think they’re just around the corner…


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