A Cold When You’re Breastfeeding

is the worst.


I don’t know about you guys, but I am a total wuss when it comes to colds. I can deal with heavy pain better than I can deal with the constant and frustrating symptoms of a cold.
And it’s only ten times worse when you don’t have full run of the pharmacy aisle, thanks to your little loved one who also consumes everything you put in your body.

I woke up two days ago with what I thought was a slight allergy attack, that turned into a full fledged, “I’m ready to give up on life” cold yesterday morning.
So after perusing multiple websites at 5:00 am, these were the most helpful resources I came across.

Kelly Mom
Breastfeeding Basics

 I eventually ended up on a cocktail of Tylenol, NasalChrom, Clairtin and Cepacol Lozenges, which seem to be working.
(Not to mention the tons of Kleenex and hand sanitizer I’ve gone through.)

Personally, I am all about modern medicine (as long as it’s doctor approved, of course) but there are also tons of natural remedies worth trying here. I have definitely found a lot of comfort in steaming showers with eucalyptus and hot tea.

And then there is always the ultimate home remedy known as your husband (/significant other/parent/friend/etc.)! I’m not gonna lie. I’ve loved milking all of the extra baby help from my man the last couple of days. I’d even wager that I may have finally won our “Who’s job is harder” debate this week!
(So there’s one plus from all of this.)


One thought on “A Cold When You’re Breastfeeding

  1. Girl, I’m the SAME way!! HATE getting a cold more than anything! I got a cold two weeks go (and yep, while breastfeeding) and I was miserable… but it actually went away pretty quickly, though! Thank God!

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