2 Months Down…

H:23″ W:12lb13oz HC:41.3cm

Hudson officially turned two months old on the fifth. And we had our two month well visit with his pediatrician. Normally i love visiting his doctor to check on his progress, but this visit came accompanied with 4 vaccines. OUCH.

First off, Hudson now weighs approximately 13 pounds. And his Head Circumference is in the 82nd percentile!
(I like to call him Big Head Comeaux.)

He then got the HIB, Prevnar, DTaP and Rotavirus vaccines. The first three were given as shots in his thighs and the last was a liquid, taken orally. I stayed back and chose not to watch so I wouldn’t have to see him in pain. But I did tear up a little bit when Jamy handed him to me, because he stopped crying almost immediately when I grabbed him. It’s probably weird that I took so much joy in this moment, but it felt like a huge validation of all of my mothering efforts. When you spend every waking (and some sleeping) moment devoted to loving another human that isn’t capable of saying thank you or showing you how much he loves you, it can get a little discouraging at times. And, then you have moments like that one in the doctors office, where he’s crying his eyes out and the moment you hug him he calms down. Because he’s comfortable there. And he feels safe. And he knows on some level that he is loved.

Anyways, after all of the sappy stuff was over, we had a rough 48 hours. He ran a little bit of a fever around 99.6 and his stomach was churning all day from the Rotavirus vaccine. He slept all day after the doctor visit and would scream like a banshee anytime he was awake.  The next day he was awake all day and night almost as equally fussy as the first day.
Yesterday he was very good and today has been decent, aside from his refusal to take a nap.

I’d say of everything we’re dealing with right now, his schedule is still the worst part. Mainly because of the inconsistency. There were two consecutive days last week where he slept through the night. And I thought I was finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, only to have my hopes dashed on the third night when he decided not to sleep at all. But, the Pediatrician says any of the fussiness that can be attributed to colic should be gone by Month 3. (Which is only a few short weeks away!!!)

In other news, this baby drools like it’s no one’s business.

I did make him a super cute bandanna styled bib last week, just to realize that his fat little neck is slightly larger than most babies’. So I’ll be back to the drawing board sometime next week and possibly posting a tutorial.


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