Motherhood is rough, y’all.


Obviously, the miracle of life is.. well, a miracle. And once you experience it there is most certainly nothing else that can compare. But, before I was a mom I honestly did not get all the hype. Of course, I definitely wanted to be a mom and I thought babies were cute, but I never had baby fever. I was not the girl that was just dying to hold and play with other women’s children. And it is still a little weird for me to see non-mothers with the baby bug, because I, personally can’t relate. But, even for a non-baby fanatic there really is this weird awakening that comes with motherhood. And no matter how young and cool you still feel, you will inevitably end up obsessing over whether or not your baby’s poop is the right color when you’re out with your friends supposed to be having a good time.

So, it finally hit me the other night. That my life is all encompassed with parenting. Sitting at our friends house, a pregnant friend of ours asked one simple question about something like formula and I found myself spilling out every single piece of baby knowledge I have like a huge geek. And I actually enjoyed it. I could sit there and talk about poop and colic and boob yeast infections (it’s a thing) for hours.

So, this is my official notice that i am resigning as one of the cool kids and will from here on out be a baby obsessed, “let me tell you what Hudson did the other day“, “Is this what the kids call music now?!?” kind of woman.

And on that note… Let me tell you what Hudson did the other day!!
We missed out on documenting his first bath because it was on the heels of a massive blowout, followed by pee to the face while trying to clean up said blow out. So this is him being cute in his little vibrating tub a few weeks ago.

He is obsessed with T.V.. And very good at holding his head up and turning it from side to side until his eyes lock on that glorious bright light known as La Television.

His eye sight is getting better and better. And we are starting to coo and even smile here and there. I’ve even heard him giggle a couple of times in his sleep. But have not been able to duplicate it in his waking hours. He seems very timid about smiling. Like he wants to do it, but isn’t quite sure if he should.

We’ve also been working on tummy time. And, he is not a fan. We can get a good ten minutes of him straining to push himself up and turn his head from one side to the other, before he throws a fit.

As for me, I’m doing well. I never got around to the workout session I spoke about last time. And the king cake has been an ever present source of joy at every hang out I’ve been a part of in the last three weeks. However, I am getting more sleep. Hudson still marathon eats during the day but we are getting about 4-6 hours of z’s at night when we’re lucky.
Breastfeeding has been rough the past week. I had a mystery pain creep up out of nowhere that my doctor suggested was most likely the aforementioned Thrush.
And yesterday afternoon Hudson went on a nursing strike. And screamed bloody murder when I tried to put him to the boob. But woke up ready to go this morning (thank The Lord)! For real, I was so upset last night after he refused me for two straight feedings. I was in tears by the end of the night.
(I’m telling you guys, motherhood is crazy!)

But, don’t let that deter you from having kids! I need more people in my baby obsessed club!!!
Taking applications now.


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