Post Partum Check – Up

So yesterday, I finally had my postpartum check-up. It was so weird leaving the doctor’s office for the last time. I feel like I’ve practically lived there this year and now I don’t have to go back until 2014 (Wahhooo!!)

Now it’s time to really start losing some weight! (Fingers crossed..)

When I found out I was pregnant I was in the midst of a physical overhaul and had actually JUST hit my target weight loss (20 lbs) the day I got my test results back.
Sooo, during my pregnancy I immediately put those 20 lbs back on, plus another 40 to boot. Tapping me out at a cool 200 lbs. Yep. 200.
Luckily, I was down to 170 when I got home from the hospital.. Apparently there was a lot of water weight in there. Now, I’m hoping to kick those last 30 to the curb before I’m expected to show my face at the pool, beach or any other large body of water.

And (not so) lucky for me, I gave birth right at the beginning of carnival season. Everywhere I look, I’m surrounded by King Cakes and Crawfish and Booze. It’s a little bit like torture.
(I may have eaten all of this by myself with very little help from friends. So much shame.)

Anyway, what worked best for me last time was the Weight Watchers’ plan.
I didn’t actually pay to be a part of the program (Shhh….)
Because it’s very easy to find free breakdowns of point allowances and calculators on the internet.
And, honestly after a couple of weeks of counting points you pretty much have a good enough knowledge of what you can and can’t eat in a day that you can just wing it with the same results. The major theme of it all is give up on fats and carbs and pump up on lean protein and fiber. Add in a little exercise to make up for your cheat days, and you’ve got yourself a Weight Watchers’ diet. Tada!!

I’ve been lifting little five lb weights here and there around the house to start tackling my Grandma Arm Syndrome, but today will be my first real workout day. I’m thinking I’ll just start off with something easy like the pre-natal yoga videos I found and only used once during pregnancy. (oops.)

Speaking of lifting weights… this little guy is turning into quite the chunkster. Trying to carry him in his car seat is like an exercise in itself.
He is still pretty fussy at night. But his sleep schedule has been all over the place.
Last week, I thought we had finally reached Nirvana, when he started sleeping from 10 pm to 8 am with only two wake ups for eating. But, that only lasted for three beautiful nights. Now, he is back to his “I’m going to cry from 8:00 to 2:00 am and maybe let you sleep for three hours tonight” routine.

I’m just praying this is a phase that we will be out of in a couple of months because it’s hard for me to keep up.

(Naptime with the doggies)

(His first Starbucks run, where he got to meet our friend Lauren)


(Our first attempt at the Moby Wrap. I still can’t believe how expensive these things are. It’s just a long strip of fabric and an instruction manual telling you how to wrap yourself in it. lol My friend, Zuly, did point out this DIY tutorial for those of you crafty types. But whether you go store-bought or DIY, its definitely a must have. Hudson fell asleep the second i put him in.)

(Just some random cuteness….)


One thought on “Post Partum Check – Up

  1. Ok, we got the Ergo Baby, and our little guy hasn’t been a fan so far! Granted, I’ve only given it two test runs around the house, but I’m thinking something more like a wrap might make him more comfortable! It also seems a heck of a lot easier than lugging the car seat through every store.

    Looking forward to hearing the sleep updates. We are trying to work on naps but Griffin isnt taking to my schedule for him 🙂

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