Baby’s 1st Month: Must Haves

I know everyone has their favorite products and brands that they swear by.
But these are some of the things Hudson and I have gotten the most use out of in our first month together.

blog collage
1. The important thing about this product is essentially the vibrations. I know there are a lot of other rockers and chairs out there with the vibrating feature that I’m sure are just as good or maybe, better. This one, however, is great for us because it is small. We live in a condo so there isn’t much room for huge swings/rockers. The vibrations help a ton, because if Hudson is awake, Hudson wants to be held/rocked/entertained. While I try to fulfill his highness’ requests all day, sometimes I do need to make a sandwich or take a bathroom break (If only I were a mommy robot that didn’t require such things…) and at the moment this chair provides the perfect combination of distraction and comfort. Sometimes it even manages to lull him to sleep. Hurrah!

2. When we were taking our Pre-Hudson parenting classes the nurse warned us not to let baby get  a hold of one of the hospital’s pacifiers unless we wanted to toss out all of the cutesie ones we already purchased. I believe the phrase “Baby Crack” was actually used.
While I wouldn’t say Hudson isn’t willing to take other pacifiers, these are definitely the least likely to get spit out. Something about the shape I guess.

3. Swaddle. Swaddle. Swaddle…. There are all kinds of cute pre-formed, velcro-y swaddle suits out there and we do have a few. But, Hudson seems to be a little to skinny for them. We can never get them wrapped tight enough if we use the pre-placed velcro. So for now, there is nothing better than an old fashioned swaddle blanket. These Aden + Anais blankets are great. They are soft, breathable (which is helpful in Louisiana weather) and have much larger dimensions than most of the other blankets I’ve seen out there. (Not only is the little guy skinny, but he’s long so the extra 10 inches on these helps insure his feet aren’t going anywhere.) And there is nothing like a good tight swaddle to calm a screaming baby.

4. We haven’t had to use these too often. But, there have been a couple occasions when Hudson was upset and we tried everything in our power to calm him down. Diaper change, swaddle, rocking, eating, burping… nothing.  Still crying.  In come the Gas Drops to save the day! Maybe its just the sweet taste of it that stops him in his tracks or maybe whatever is in this little bottle actually works to relieve gas. Either way, it stopped the crying! I would definitely recommend at least having these on hand for those nights when nothing else seems to work.

5. Zippers!! I can not stress the convenience of zippers for middle of the night diaper changes. We have a lot of these long sleeve, fleece sleep sacks that we love! Obviously, the zippers are a million times better than all those buttons on your favorite onesies when you’re exhausted and baby has just pissed himself for the third time in an hour. But, the other thing I love about these is the warmth factor. Hudson freaks out anytime his skin touches the cold air. (Just like his mom, I guess.) So, he is not a fan of diaper changes. I’ve found with these… the zipper front opening keeps you from having to completely remove him from the sack during diaper changes. Which makes everything a lot easier. (And quieter.)
Occasionally we have to swaddle him at night to sleep, so the fleece + the swaddle = a sweaty Hudson. Luckily Aden + Anais makes these cute breathable ones, as well!

6. Most of the time Hudson is lounging around in one of the aforementioned sacks or just a onesie & swaddle. However, once we started taking him out of the house, we realized the importance of pants for rides in the car seat! (You can’t achieve a comfy strap in with a sleep sack, obviously.) These are my favorite pants! They’re super soft and I love the look of the cuff and drawstring. They’re even on sale right now. With the promo code “GAPSALE” you get an extra 25% off!

7.  The Rock N’ Play sleeper, is hands down our most used product! I actually stole this from my mom. One of her friends bought it for her to keep at her house on those occasions that we pawn off Hudson on her. Our first week home from the hospital we stayed at her house and quickly realized how awesome it is for sleeping. I guess it’s something about the angle it puts your baby at and the snugness of the walls around him, but we found he slept much longer in this than his crib/bassinet.

8. Quick Cleaning bags are obviously nothing cute or fancy, but they definitely provide a good level of convenience when cleaning bottles/pacifiers/etc. I would definitely recommend having these around.

9. And of course, there is the all mighty breast pump! Since I’m home all day it’s not necessary for me to pump a lot; thus the single pump. I actually had a manual one which worked fine for a while… however when you pay $40 for a breast pump… it’s not bound to last forever. (It’s already broken. Yay.) Anyway, even though I’m home all the time, I still try to get at least one or two bottles a week into storage for those days when I need to run errands and leave Hudson with daddy.

So, those are my favorite picks for the first month! Hope you found them somewhat helpful.

While you’re at your computer, I would recommend reading this blog post for a good laugh about parenting and bed time. It was brought to my attention by Bleubird Blog, which is another one of my favorites!


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