Hud’s first Christmas.




1. Hudson and I passed out on the couch during Sunday Night Football.
2. Cute Santa clothes courtesy of my cousin, Cynthia.
3. My husband and his friends have been taking this Santa picture annually since they were in college. This year was Hudson’s first appearance and he slept through the whole thing!
4. Jamy and I lit the last advent candle in our Church’s Christmas Eve service, With Hudson in tow. (Again, he slept right through it.)
5. On Christmas morning we woke up to Hudson’s umbilical stump falling off!
6. My sister-n-law bought me these cute initial rings for Hudson and Jamy.
7. Lastly, we finally brought our other dog home from the grandparents house to meet Hudson. He seems a little jealous that I’m paying so much attention to the baby, but still likes to cuddle with him apparently.

Overall, this week was pretty good. We spent lots of time with family. Hudson got to meet two of his Grandmothers for the first time. plus, lots of cousins on Jamy’s side.
Unfortunately, he’s fallen victim to a little case of the diaper rash. Which is no fun.
And he’s somehow managed to change his sleeping schedule around. Which was weird because it wasn’t gradual at all. He just decided yesterday that he was going to stay up all day and sleep through the night (Sort of). It turns out it’s actually a little harder for me this way. I had been using his sleepy days to catch up on sleep, but now he wants to be held all day long or he gets cranky.  And even though he sleeps at night, He still wakes up every two hours to eat. So, I’m somehow managing to get less sleep this way. I can’t wait until he is older and he can go a little longer between meals.
So for now, he’s strapped to my chest while I try to get a couple of things done around the house. (Easier said than done. lol)

Wish me luck!


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