Baby’s Second Week.


Hudson is officially 2 weeks and 3 days old.

It really is amazing how much of a difference two weeks can make.
At the tail end of our first week, I was just about on the edge of losing my sanity.
Those first few days, with no sleep were so much harder for me than I was expecting them to be.
We were very blessed, however, to have lots of family and friends around to help.

We had friends dropping off food almost every night.
My mom volunteered her cleaning and laundry services.
And Jamy’s mother and aunt came in to visit which ended up being a big help.
This time last week, I was basically at my wits end and on the verge of tears to full on weeping, all day.
And Jamy’s mom volunteered to stay up all night Saturday with Hudson and take care of all of his feedings, so we could get some sleep.
Honestly, I can not tell you how much of a difference a little REM sleep makes.
I immediately felt my baby blues drifting away, when I awoke Sunday morning.

And While the last two nights have been a little restless, it’s been pretty smooth sailing all week.

We had Hudson’s 2 week check up on Wednesday and everything came back normal!
He’s in the 25% of weight for his age and the 75% for height.
(Not to mention his head circumference is in the 76%… He is his father’s son!)
We’ve tried to start him on a vitamin D supplement a couple of days ago per the request of the pediatrician,
But each day we’ve given it to him he’s been extremely fussy and inconsolable for a few hours afterward.
I’m curious, if anyone else has ever had this problem?
We decided not to give him any today, just to pin point whether the supplement really is the culprit or if it’s something I’m eating.

As for now, most of our days are spent like this…
I’ve worked my way through most of Netflix and our On Demand movie options, all with this little munchkin glued to my chest.
Even as I type this, the kid is hanging from my shoulders in a sling.
He is officially the sweetest, cutest baby boy and I can not wait to see his personality start shining through.

Tonight, he’s going to his very first Christmas Party!
Wish us luck!


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