Baby’s First Week

Yesterday, marked the end of Hudson’s first week on the outside.
And to be honest, the whole thing feels like such a blur that I’m not even sure where to start.

I know my last post may have sounded a little mellow dramatic or even scary.
But honestly, that whole thing they say about it all being worth it in the end, is 100% true.
Whatever pain I felt that day seemed worlds away when I got to hold Hudson for the first time. And now, a week later, that day actually feels like a million blurry years ago.

So, about our first week with baby.
Honestly, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t also extremely tough to get through.
But, things are already so much better.

The main obstacle is the lack of sleep. I could deal with the pain and the stress if I were on my A game.
But, when you’re breastfeeding you have to feed baby every 2 1/2 – 3 hours.
(And that’s from beginning of feeding to the beginning of the next. So if I start a feeding at 4 a.m., spend about 30-45 minutes feeding him, then I have at the most 2 hours to try to fit in some sleep. And that goes on and on 24/7 for months.)

There were a lot of stresses that came along with breast feeding. Baby was frustrated and hungry waiting for the real milk to come in and we had latching problems which would lead to a screaming hungry baby. And all the while I was feeling pressured to get him to eat to help get rid of his jaundice.
Basically, there’s nothing quite like the guilt you feel when you are your child’s sole source of nutrition and he isn’t getting what he needs from you.
(These are all extremely common problems. And I think most nursing mother’s go through this in the first few days. But, like I said, when you’re not getting enough sleep it’s hard to think rationally.)
Luckily, I had Jamy there to help me make it through! These first few days of Hudson’s life, were probably the most thankful I’ve ever been to have married such a supportive man.
He changed all of the diapers for the first four days. Was a constant source of encouragement. And at times would even step in with a little tough love and force me to go to sleep (which was the most helpful).
Now, I can gladly report that Hudson is feeding extremely well.

Too well, actually, according to his doctor’s visit today!
20121213_090512[Jamy getting Hud ready for the scale.]

Hudson lost close to a pound in his first few days, so we went back to the pediatrician today hoping for him to have just gained back 3 0z of it. Turns out he had already gained 10 oz. And now the doctor is actually telling us to regulate his feeding times a little bit. lol

So, if you’re stressed about breast feeding… Just know that whatever you’re going through is common and everything will be ok in the end.
It only takes time and a lot of patience!
(And, remember, even if breast feeding doesn’t work out for you, there is nothing wrong with that! My brother, husband and I were all formula babies. And we’re all healthy, strong, intelligent (some more than others, lol) members of society!)

Some milestones from Hudson’s first days…
I have already been the victim of flying pee. (Hazards of mothering a boy.)

He met our fur-baby Bella, who is OBSESSED with him!


And he slept,
And slept…

And slept……hud
He is definitely the most watched baby.
There’s not much else to do with a newborn, seeing as they only wake up to poop and eat.
But I would gladly watch this little man sleep forever.

I’m so in love.


One thought on “Baby’s First Week

  1. I’ve definitely been experiencing the same things as you! The breastfeeding, the feelings of being completely over your head, the crazy love…And you’re right – sleep deprivation certainly brings things into an entirely different light. I’m just very impressed by how much you’ve been blogging! I’m so overwhelmed with how quickly things are flying by that I don’t even know what to write about 😉

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