Our (slightly graphic) Birth Story…

Say hello to our little Mister,

DSCN0059Hudson James
Born December 5th 2012 at 4:00 pm.
7 lbs 9 oz, 21.5 in.

So, the last time I was here I mentioned that we decided to schedule an elective induction for the little one.
Here’s how it all went down…

We arrived at the hospital Wednesday morning at 5:00 am.20121205_045920Filled out some paper work and got the show under way around 6:00.
The first few hours were a peice of cake.
Jamy and I layed around watching a Boy Meets World marathon while the Pitocin flowed through my veins.
Around 8:00 am, I woke up from a nap to find my OBGYN at the end of my bed preparing to break my water.

(At the urging of a friend who had gone through an induction, herself, I imediately requested an epidural since I would no longer have the bag to absorb some of the contraction pain.)

This is when things started getting bad.
I wasn’t worried about the pain from inserting the epidural because I knew they gave you a numbing shot first.
I, however, had no idea how much that numbing shot actually hurt.
I literally jumped out of my seat when the needle went in.
I’m surprised I didn’t somehow cause him to paralyze me. lol
Then the epirdural catheter went in and they started pumping me full of the good stuff!

Everything was smooth sailing for about an hour and then I started to realize that my contractions were getting stronger and the drugs weren’t keeping up.
The nurse called for a reinjection. Which had no effect.
After about thirty minutes of the pain getting more and more intense and getting pumped with more and more drugs they finally realized that my catheter had been pulled out of place.
Soooo, the anestheisiologist came back in for round two.
This time, I was still a little numb in my legs so they had to call in about five nurses to move my fat, naked body into the proper position.
(A very proud moment in my life. Totally not embarassing at all.)
The catheter was reinserted.
Still just as painful as the first time.
Another thirty minutes goes by and while everything below my abdomen started going numb, there was still no relief to be found for the contractions.
So we upped the dosage.
Eventually, called for a second reinjection.
And threw in some narcotics, to boot.


While all of this was going on, I’d dilated to about 8 cinimeters and felt every contraction along the way.
Eventually the pain was so intense I was convulsing, in tears, and on the verge of throwing up.
So the nurses decided that the only way I was going to get any relief was to just deliver the baby.
Luckily, when they finally gave up on the drugs and checked my progress I was at 10 cm and ready to push.
(Which scared the crap out of me, because I was starting to regain the feeling back in my legs and could feel the sensation working its way up….)

The nurse had me do three “practice pushes” just to get things started.. and on the third push the baby started crowning.
So, my doctor had to leave someone’s pap smear appointment to rush over in time to deliver.
Within minutes my room was flooded with what seemed like 20 nurses prepping for the big event.
I pushed once. The doctor tells me she’s going to have to do an episiotimy.
(At this point I have complete feeling everywhere in my body except my cervix. I remember mentally thanking God during that next push for holding the drugs on just long enough.)
I push once more and the head was out. I hear the doctor call out for something, I assumed scissors for what I thought was part of the episiotimy.
(I found out later that the umbilical chord was wrapped around Hudson’s neck twice. But thankfully he was fine as soon as they removed it.)

One more push and he was out!

The doctor started stitching things back up… Almost imediately as she was finished all the feeling was back in my body.
Soooo… painful.
I remember the nurses going around my body pinching various parts, shocked at how much I could feel.
So I was given a percocet and finally got to meet my little man…


(Although, I must say, any woman who gives birth naturally is far more Woman than I will ever be.)

Stay tuned for millions of pictures and updates on Hudson’s first week of life.


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