There’s a baby coming…

39 weeks

Almost 39 weeks

Just wanted to pop in and update everyone on baby!
The past couple of doctor’s appointments have been slightly disappointing for me, with not much movement in the dilation, department.
As of Tuesday, we were still just under 3 cm dilated and about 50% effaced.

I was so sure that this guy was coming out early, that I was shocked when the doctor started talking about inductions at our last appointment.
She basically volunteered the information that at 39 weeks, they consider it safe to induce labor and since my pregnancy has been the picture of health she saw nothing wrong with me choosing to do so. She also informed me that if labor didn’t occur naturally by 41 weeks they would induce, anyway. So, I left the appointment extremely confused and with a huge decision to make.
Choosing to be induced on a certain day just sounded creepy to me.
Like I would be playing God.
So, my husband and I slept on it for a couple of nights and discussed it with family and a few friends in the medical profession.
I know, I personally made my decision just to change my mind again at least four times.
Ultimately, after considering  the fact that our baby has been measuring a little big and heavy throughout the entire pregnancy (and that delivering early might help to ensure a vaginal delivery) we made the call.

So, we will officially be going into labor this coming Wednesday at 5:00 am!
(Just a few days before our due date.)

As soon as I hung up the phone with the scheduling nurse my anxiety levels sky rocketed.
My pregnancy has been so easy that it’s felt very surreal the entire time.
Even on my worst days, there were still moments where I could go about my business and completely forget that I was pregnant.
Now, it’s completely real. In Five days I’ll be meeting my son for the first time. I know I already love and feel protective of him. But he’s still essentially a stranger, which is a very weird and scary feeling.
I really can not describe the mix of excitement and nerves I’m feeling.
I guess all I can do now, is relax and pray for a healthy and happy baby!
(And, hopefully, a quick labor)


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