Happy Thanksgiving!

Of all of the wonderful gifts I’ve received from God, today, I am most thankful for my Husband.

I’ve been very blessed my entire life to always have a loving support system, food on the table, money to pay my bills, etc.
But nothing in my life has ever felt so perfectly orchestrated as the way Jamy came into my life.

Growing up about fifty miles apart from each other, our paths have been crossing back and forth for about a decade now. There were events I’d attended as young as 15 years old where Jamy was right there in the same room with me. And I had no idea, that I was breathing the same air as my future husband. It wasn’t until a couple of years ago that God finally pushed us together. On March 19, Jamy and I found ourselves running into each other four times within 24 hours. At a St. Patrick’s Day Parade, A wedding, A show at a local bar and finally an after party at my own house.
By the end of that day, I knew I liked him. And by our third date I knew I was going to marry him.
( I just had no idea quite how soon that would be. lol)

Now, it’s almost two years later. There’s a baby on the way. And I have never been so Thankful in my entire life.

I hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and are feeling just as blessed as I am, this evening.


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