Maternity Portraits

So, a couple of weekends ago… Jamy and I decided to have this big bump of mine documented for future nostalgic (‘I’m so glad I lost all that baby weight’) moments!

Let me start by saying, that I had been researching all over the internet for pretty/non-cheesy maternity photo ideas. And I just knew that I had the formula down. Long flowy dress, pretty Victoria’s Secret model hair, a glowing, ‘refreshed’ look.
Maternity Perfection.
But, then the morning of the shoot came. And reality set in. Long flowy dresses are not made for 6 feet tall, large hipped, pregnant women. And that glowing refreshed look is much harder to achieve when you wake up every hour of the night to relieve your bladder.
Don’t get me wrong. I’m not having a pity party over here. Just saying that being pregnant, no matter how hard you try… it is inevitable that you will feel inadequate at some point. So if you are struggling with that, rest assured you are not alone. We have all been there and will most likely be there many times again.
Lucky for me… after my mini, internal break down that morning, we made our way out to meet our friend Tori (who you may remember did our wedding portraits as well) and she worked her magic for us!

Here are just a few of my favorites…

I love how the colors pop in the block pictures.

Not sure why I like this picture so much. I’m probably just laughing at something Jamy said off camera. But, it makes me smile.

There are many more cute ones, but I don’t want to bore you too much.

In pregnancy news. I’m having contractions every day, now. I actually thought I was going into labor a couple of times this week. But, alas, he’s still in there just kicking away.
On the bright side, since he’s descended a little my epic, daily heart burn is starting to let up a bit. And on the same note the relief my esophagus is getting has just served to double the havoc on my bladder.
But in the grand scheme of things all is well. And we’re about as ready as we’ll ever be for little man’s arrival.


2 thoughts on “Maternity Portraits

  1. Well I PERSONALLY think you look like you have the glow and the victoria’s secret hair! Dang, I’m growing another chin over here with my bump! I love that sweater too! I’ve been having a hard time finding maternity tops that don’t cost a mortgage payment! And you never know what those things will look like when you order them online, by the time you realize you don’t like the clothes and ship them back, you’re probably already in labor!

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