36 Weeks Pregnant:

Yesterday, baby and I hit 36 weeks together in this glorious (often times miserably uncomfortable) pregnancy. And today we finally got to find out how big/long he’s looking.

Proud to say that Baby Comeaux came in at 6.6 lbs with an abnormally large head and super long feet.
For any of you that know my husband personally, you know there is an on-going joke among his family and friends about the size of his head. Apparently when he was 12 years old his head was measuring the size of a full grown man’s and then he took 20+ years and tons of working out to get his body proportionate with the large cranium. Thus, if this baby goes full term I may be begging for a C-Section. (Yikes. Thanks Comeauxs!)

Unfortunately, once the baby gets this big its pretty impossible to get good sonogram pictures. And, since the only clear picture we got was of his family jewels (he’s always showing off) I will spare you and leave you with this cute photo of Jamy trying out the Boppy at our baby shower.

(He’s so excited about Breast Feeding. Can you tell?)

After the Sonogram we went in for my first cervical exam and my Strep B test.
If you’re familiar with how (and where) they check for the Strep B bacteria, I was a little nervous… But, I can now say it was absolutely not worth worrying about. And I’ll just leave it at that.

The cervical exam, on the other hand, was pretty uncomfortable. As soon as she went in, it felt like I was having a severe menstrual cramp that was at it’s peak until she was done. And I’ve been having on and off cramps ever since. On the bright side, she did say that I’m 2 1/2 cm dilated and the baby’s head is locked and loaded for delivery. So, I could either stay stagnant like this for another four weeks.. or if it keeps progressing like it has been, we could be meeting Baby Comeaux any day now!!

I’m not 100% sure that I’m ready for that, yet. But, it would be nice for him to be a couple weeks older when Christmas and all of our out of town friends and family arrive!

So, I guess with this impending delivery I should probably stop typing and go pack my hospital bag and make sure I know how to get this car seat installed properly.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!


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