31 Weeks and Another Year Older…

This past Friday was my 26th birthday!
And since drinking and staying awake past 9:00 pm aren’t in the cards for me right now, my husband and I went with a couple friends to a local wildlife reserve for some good, clean, animal loving fun!

If you’ve never been to one of these facilities, you basically get on a caravan with a bunch of snotty kids and drive around the reserve feeding and petting wild animals. And in turn, your admission fee goes to support the reserve and helping them provide care for the animals.

I love the Zebra’s expression in this picture.
(On a side note, we learned Zebras are actually very hostile animals. They were the only ones we were not allowed to touch [I may have sneaked a pet in here and there]. But almost everyone of the zebras had cuts and scars all over them from fighting each other. Who knew?!)

Llama Fun Fact: When they “spit” it’s actually bile from their stomachs and it takes weeks to get the stench off of your skin.
Never piss off a llama.

I didn’t actually eat the animal feed…
That guy might have. (But you didn’t hear it from me.)

Later that night we went with a group of friends and family to eat at the bar I used to work for.
Which meant lots of free food (and drinks for the husband).
All in all, i’d say it was a successful birthday!

Our friend Kristin (In the picture above) made me a Harry Potter themed apron from Scratch!
How amazing is that?
Granted a pregnant lady doesn’t make for the best model.
But it really is the cutest thing!

And my brother and sister-n-law got me a super cute diaper bag packed with diapers and other baby goodies!
As you can see our four legged babies are getting used to all of the new smells coming in the house.
We’ve had to hide all of baby’s plush toys/blankets/pillows away to keep them from being demolished.
I’m still not 100% sure how we’re going to make the distinction between baby and dog belongings clear to them.

In pregnancy news: I’m 31 weeks pregnant today!
On Friday, almost as soon as I left my doctor’s office, I had my first onslaught of Braxton Hicks contractions, which was not pleasant at all.
But still exciting because that just means baby is almost here.

I can’t believe how close we are.
It’s a little overwhelming.

Now I’m off to continue my Pediatrician research.
(Yeah, I know… I should have that taken care of by now.)
Wish me luck!


One thought on “31 Weeks and Another Year Older…

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I haven’t really checked into pediatricians at this point either. We have a list of every single one residing in the area, yet we haven’t done much more than cross off the ones that are too far away! I think after the Babymoon we’ll really get down to business. A little time to relax before the big decisions have to get made!

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