Diapers, bottles and rectal thermometers!

 This week we attended our first New Parent classes.

We spent a respective five hours (split up over two nights) learning the ins and outs of parenthood and basically just how to keep your baby alive. lol
I’m not sure about my husband, but as the baby in my family with no babysitting experience I have no idea how to care for an infant. The one diaper I’ve changed in my life was on a 2 year old boy and I had to ask him ‘if he knew how mommy did it?’. To this day I’m not sure if we got it put on backwards or not.

So to remedy my lack of experience, we paid a third party $35 to teach us how to change diapers, give baths, feed and even take a rectal temperature.
To make it even more fun (and totally not embarrassing at all) we got to practice on anatomically correct dolls!

Mostly, the class was just a hands-on refresher of everything I’ve read in my pregnancy books.
But I think it may have been a good reality check for my husband.
(Don’t tell him I said that. lol)
Although, I know he’s still just as excited as ever…. Leaving the class Tuesday night was the first time I heard him voice concerns about Parenthood and that it may not be all rainbows and cute clothes.
Which I was actually grateful to hear.
I understand it’s harder for Dads to grasp the full concept of pregnancy/parenthood until they’re finally face to face with the little booger. If I manage to focus on anything other than baby for more than five minutes he’s sure to remind me of his presence with a round house kick to my rib cage.


(With that said, I know Jamy is going to be the world’s greatest Dad. He’s already the most loving husband, I can’t even imagine how much love and affection he’s got stored up for Baby Comeaux.)

In Pregnancy news: I’ll be 31 weeks this Monday, the 8th.
I’ve been experiencing a lot of nausea and vertigo in the mornings. Which is an unwelcome surprise, since I was practically never sick in the first two trimesters.
My belly is really starting to get big, uncomfortable and itchy!
I can’t lean forward or slouch any more without the baby kicking me back into the upright position.
Heartburn is getting worse. Bladder smaller. Sleep impossible.

But in spite of all that, I’m still feeling very excited, happy and blessed!
(Only 9 more weeks!)


2 thoughts on “Diapers, bottles and rectal thermometers!

  1. Wow, I never thought to attend a parenting class, but that could really help me! I’ve never changed a diaper in my life and am just not sure that practicing on someone else’s kid would be a good idea at this stage in the game! The dolls actually sound like a decent idea!

    • Yeah, even though most of the information wasn’t new it’s still very comforting to know I’ve now succesfully changed a diaper. Even if it was on a plastic doll. lol

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