A few nursery additions

It’s been a busy mail week!We received our Eames rocker knock off!
(If you’re not familiar with the chair it was introduced in the 1940’s and distributed by Herman Miller.)

I’ve been noticing these rockers in nursery designs all over the internet, lately. And I knew i wanted it in lieu of the traditional gliders you see everywhere.
However, due to it’s famous Eames heritage it goes for about $479 !
Thankfully, there are now plenty of good knock offs, like this one, for a fifth of the price!

We also finally got our crib bedding in.

(I don’t have it set up in the room yet, because the bumper ties need to first be repositioned.)

The bedding usually goes for upwards of $190 for a 9 piece set.
Which, I wasn’t willing to pay since I had heard mixed reviews about the Quality of JoJo bedding (Which I can now attest; is truly not worth the price. You’re paying more for the look than the quality, if you ask me.)
So, while checking Ebay I found the same 9 piece set, brand new, for only $100, and jumped on it!
I even woke up extra early to make sure I won the auction! lol

I also gave in and got my little sheepskin rug in dark grey and about another week’s worth of baby clothes.
I just can’t stop. (oops!)

This baby is definitely getting the most out of my shopping addiction.
Hope you’re all having a good week!


4 thoughts on “A few nursery additions

  1. Ha! You sound like me…I scored matching boy/girl pottery barn kids bumpers off ebay (one was new in original package for 0.99!) I love me a good deal…Congrats on the baby, the nursery is looking lovely!

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