Let the final stretch begin!

That, folks, is a 7 month bump!
Today marks the beginning of my third trimester.
I can not believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. December is fast approaching, and I’m filled with nerves, excitement and a little nausea!
I guess with the end of the blissful second trimester comes the return of morning sickness (and a little baby foot permanently lodged into your rib cage).

With the end in sight, we’re rushing to get everything prepared. We finally unpacked the crib and will hopefully be assembling it tonight. We spent all weekend shampooing carpets. And, today, we hung up all of his little man clothes in his big man closet.
Jamy’s mom also came in town, yesterday, with a truck load of baby gifts and we now have a month’s worth of clothes for Baby Comeaux, and then some.
Lucky for our little guy, he’s the first grandkid on both sides, so he will never be short of clothes, toys or cuddles.

Now, I’m off!
Back to Nesting Mode!!


5 thoughts on “Let the final stretch begin!

  1. I’m 7 months pregnant next week, with a Baby Boy, too! Our first, due on December 18th! I’m so excited to find your blog, it’s fun to follow moms that are going through the same thing (literally, we’re almost neck-and-neck!) Haha! You and your bump are adorable!

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