Weekly Wishlist – Nursery Edition

1. Not sure why, but I’ve been drawn to the “Sheep skin” look, lately.
2. Liking this a lot more than the other Rocker/Glider options out there
3. Super cute Paper Cloud  Mobil
4. West Elm Pouf I die for, but could never justify spending money on.
(Found this DIY tutorial on Pinterest a while back, though.)
5. This is the blessing our pastor sends us out of church with most Sundays. Ordering this sweet print to put in baby’s room.
6. I love Lamp.
7. If only it got cold enough here.
8. Stripes and Elbow Patches!
9. Wanting this cute rug for under the crib.

In other news…

One of my cousins bought this for us off of our registry!
From the moment I heard about baby sign language I knew I wanted to, at least, try it with my kid!
I know it takes a lot of persistence and repetition for baby to catch on to it, but being able to communicate with him before he can speak sounds like heaven to me.
In theory, the level of communication is supposed to cut down on temper tantrums that occur when mommy can’t understand what baby wants from her.
If he wants milk he can just ask for it!
Here’s hoping it works!


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