Colonnade Grey

After samples upon samples we finally decided on a paint color.
I had no idea how difficult it was to find the right shade of grey.
Thankfully, the team at our local Sherwin Williams was very helpful, and they were having a “Hurricane  Cleanup Sale”, to boot!

After Church and a little football (still bummed about the Saints loss today) we finally got around to painting.

My lovely husband did most of the hard work after I taped off all the edges.

And my sweet Bella was there to stand guard should anyone try to mess up our paint!

Collonade Gray
(Update: Final Product)

All we have left are the floors, then we can FINALLY unpack the crib and start decorating.

In pregnancy news, I went in for my Glucose test on Friday.
Very happy I passed the one hour test, so there was no need to return for a three hour stint.
Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I had heard people describe it.
The drink really wasn’t that gross.
And they only draw blood once, followed by a little finger prick later.
(Unfortunately for me, the lab tech at my doctor’s office can never find my veins. So one blood sample usually involves multiple needle pokes.)

The little guy is also starting to get a lot bigger. And stronger.
He managed to knock my purse off of my stomach with one of his kicks, Friday.
And I can feel almost every shift and turn he makes, rather than just his usual jabs.

His closet is starting to fill up. And we haven’t even had a shower yet.
These came in the mail, the other day…
“Skinny” jeans and moccasins.  lol
He’s not even here yet, and he already dresses hipper than I do.

Can’t wait to meet my little man.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a mint Magnum bar in my freezer calling my name!


2 thoughts on “Colonnade Grey

  1. Oh congratulations on the little one!
    I can’t wait to finally be able to paint our place. We are currently renting and it’s not worth the hassle to get the approval to paint. So for now we are just picking out new furniture one piece at a time! It’s about time we step out of the IKEA and hand-me-down phase 😉

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