Progress, finally.

So, when Jamy and I got married, the combining of our “stuff” got a little overwhelming and left us with a junk room that looked like this….

After months of coming home and seeing this depressing site, the Salvation Army finally came to releive us of “Stuff Mountain”.


Now, we can finally start working on little baby Comeaux’s room.
Today included lots of samples.

Floor samples,
Fabric samples,
Paint samples.

(By the way, did you know it’s impossible to find a basic Grey paint? Not Blue Grey or Purpilish Grey. Just Grey. Impossible.)

Regardless, everything is finally starting to feel real!
The room is on it’s way. Baby gifts are arriving. There are Bi-weekly doctor visits. And there’s no doubting my pregnancy, now that I’m finally rocking a belly!

I have my glucose test in the morning, so I have to start fasting in a couple hours to prep.
I’m off to pig out, while I still can!


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