Baby Blues

One of the sweeter things about pregnancy is the fact that practically every week brings a new milestone for baby’s development. First his organs are forming, then he’s got fingers and toes, and next thing you know it’s 10 inches long and dancing up a storm!

The thing most people forget to mention is that with each new development comes some new ailment you get the joy of experiencing for the first time.

“Congratulations, your baby can now hear you speaking through the womb! Oh, and you’re ankles are going to swell to the size of your thighs!! Yayyyy!”

Thankfully this week’s fun symptom is not the painful swelling that I experienced last week after two hours at Ikea… (not really sure what I was thinking). No, THIS week its insane bloating!

There were points yesterday where it was too painful to even walk from all the excess air trapped in my chest and stomach. According to the interwebs I have the hormone, Progesterone, to thank for this fun feeling!

Luckily, I was able to get it to subside with a few special yoga poses  (who knew?!) and some peppermint tea! And of course there’s always good old fashioned Metamucil (sexy, I know)!!

So, In spite of the fact that this baby has taken every part of my body hostage, i am feeling very grateful for home remedies and a sweet husband who runs to Whole Foods to buy me gross teas when I need them!

Looking forward to next week’s milestones! A 1 lb baby, and who knows what else!!

Have a sweet day!


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